Pay Later

Video | OOH | Email | Social

In 2021, I worked with fintech app nate to launch their new Pay Later feature with a bang.

The brief? Create a quirky, visually-striking campaign brimming with individuality (because Pay Later is all about helping customers shop the products that express their personality without pressing pause on their colorful lives) while still clearly explaining how the buy now, pay later feature works.

I worked with a team to pitch a variety of out-of-the-box concepts to the client, including the three that were chosen. Once the final concepts were approved, I got to work storyboarding video adverts that appeared on Hulu to target audiences in spring 2021. I also worked on email and social content for this launch and, on the journey home from JFK Airport after a quick trip to Austin, was ecstatic to see the Pay Later campaign appear on digital ad screens in the subway station and inside train cars.





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